Is The NYTimes crossing the line?


The New York Times announced on July 21 its partnership with the famous coffee shop, Starbucks.

The idea is to make available for free some NYTimes articles to members of the Starbucks loyalty program.

Starbucks will select some articles in the Times and will share them via the Starbucks mobile app.

Mark Thompson, the chief executive of The New York Times Company, is trying to save the newspaper and widen its reach. So partnering with Starbucks can seem like a good idea.

But is it ethical?

I just read in the New York Times’ Ethical Journalism Handbook that employees shouldn’t have stocks in any company… I get that giving Starbucks free articles isn’t exactly the same as having stocks but if you think about it, isn’t it a little similar?

Isn’t it infringing a little on the notion of independence of the press?

Only time will tell but I am a little worried about this decision. I wouldn’t like to see The New York Times lose its independence for Starbucks…


Photo Credit: Ahmed Hashim, The New York Times, Once Upon a Time. Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved.